My name is Anton Muraviev

I am an Interaction designer & Web developer from Bristol, United Kingdom

I find great pleasure in the process of identifying a problem, taking into consideration a wide range of technical and business constraints, and coming up with a solution that is both efficient and humane in its execution.

I have designed and built many apps and websites and released a few open-source libraries over the course of my career.

Feel free to contact me via either or @chromice

Recent Projects

Employment history

Interaction designer and web developer, Self-employed, 2016—Present

Becoming a consultant let me focus on needs of a select few clients, as well as have more time for developing my own product ideas. I have helped a leading site monitoring and time lapse photography specialist (Lobster Pictures) redesign and redevelop their client-facing application and assisted several small startups with the design and development of their products and services.

Lead web developer and interaction designer, Colour & Thing, 2013—2016

Working at Colour & Thing enabled me to reach a great variety of clients (Arts University Bournemouth, Martin Boroson, Box Steam Brewery), helped me develop leadership skills, understand marketing and branding aspects of design, and further improve my skills as an interaction designer.

Web developer and interaction designer, Hex Collective, 2010—2013

Having worked with Hex Collective on several projects before, I was offered a permanent position as a developer and interaction designer. While there I designed and developed websites and apps for established companies (BSM, TrakCel, Linux IT) and startups (GroupOut, a party sharing website; Comono, an event management app).

Web developer, Self-employed, 2005—2010

Having had built a few websites as part of various hobbies, I began my career as a remote contractor: I was a front-end developer on projects for forward thinking design brands such as YouHeShe and Normann Copenhagen; I cut my teeth at back-end development working with several startups, the most successful being VoucherCloud, where I was responsible for API design, and implementation of data management and analytics tools.

Open-source libraries


Simple PHP framework and perfect expression of most important lessons I learned as a PHP developer.

æ is my magnum opus – 8 years in the making – which I am not likely to ever truly finish, and yet I am still proud of getting it this far: working on it not only made me a better developer, but a better designer as well.


Easy to use collection of LESS mixins and best practices for maintaining pixel perfect grid-based layouts.

As any practitioner of design-in-the-browser methodology would tell you, making minor adjustments to layout and typography may result in huge ramifications. Order.less keeps me sane, and lets me focus on actual design.